Donana - GPP biweekly (2020-2021)

Abstract: 15-day Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) estimated across the wetlands of the Doñana National Park, Spain.

Methods: The GPP maps are based on an empirical model integrates and linearly correlate the Red-Edge Index (CLr) derived from Sentinel-2 images and in situ measurements of precipitation with in situ measurements of GPP.

For detailed information about the methodology:
Spinosa, Anna, Mario Alberto Fuentes-Monjaraz, and Ghada El Serafy. 2023. "Assessing the Use of Sentinel-2 Data for Spatio-Temporal Upscaling of Flux Tower Gross Primary Productivity Measurements" Remote Sensing 15, no. 3: 562.

TechnicalInfo: 15-day and 30-day maps for the months of October, November and December 2020 and January, February, March, April and May 2021.